Trina Solar C&I Solutions is excited to announce a new partnership with Omnidian, a nationwide provider of C&I solar system protection plans and performance guarantees. Through this partnership, Trina and Omnidian can combine active solar system management with transparent reporting and maintenance to bring peace of mind for solar asset owners, investors and other stakeholders.

Trina Solar C&I Solutions’ customers will now have access to Omnidian’s operations and maintenance (O&M) and performance guarantee plans. This is great news for the commercial and industrial (C&I) and distributed generation market for PV installations up to 20 MW, whether they be ground mount, rooftop, single-axis trackers or carports.

Omnidian's Commercial Solar Performance Plans for Trina’s C&I Solutions’ customers create the optimal solar ownership experience for:

  • Individual system owners
  • Small-business owners who have purchased or lease a solar system
  • Large businesses and publicly traded companies that own or lease a portfolio of systems, and
  • Third-party owners with multiple assets across wide geographies


These varied plans provide a host of benefits for dealer/developers and for Trina Solar’s C&I customers. 

This means dealers and developers can:

  • Close more deals by making solar a less risky and easier investment
  • Remove the burdens of O&M and monitoring
  • Leverage call center staff and reporting to create great customer satisfaction


This means system owners can:

  • Set it and forget it, since there’s no need to monitor or understand the asset. If a problem arises, a service representative contacts owners with a rapid response
  • Gain access to a full service support team that is one quick call away


Since customers are paying for solar energy, the partnership between Trina’s C&I Solutions and Omnidian guarantees that those assets perform optimally to produce the energy that they pay for.

With three performance plans available, project developers and EPCs have flexible options to meet their projects’ needs. In addition, customized plans are available for solar developers, EPCs and portfolio owners seeking multiple services. 

What this means for C&I solar

The relationship between Trina Solar’s C&I Solutions and Omnidian further boosts the value of commercial solar projects.

Trina Solar’s modules are already among the industry leaders for reliability, efficiency and power generation. Trina Solar’s C&I Solution bundles these high-quality modules with inverters and racking in a streamlined one-stop shopping procurement process. This ensures projects remain on schedule and on budget.

In this partnership, Trina’s C&I Solutions and Omnidian can help reduce the risks associated with underperformance of commercial PV systems to help ensure optimal energy gains. This means stakeholders don’t have to deal with the operational pain of having to manage O&M, allowing their staff to focus on other ways to grow their business. 

The professional 24/7 system monitoring, service alerts and other critical performance assurances also increase customer satisfaction with monthly performance reports and live support.

Together, Trina’s C&I Solutions and Omnidian’s partnership can help speed up a project’s return on investment, while potentially boosting the bottom line for commercial projects.

Contact us today to learn more about this exciting new partnership and how it can add value to your C&I solar projects. 



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