Trina Solar is excited to announce its recognition for “Overall High Achievement in Manufacturing” in the PV Module Index Report (PVMI) 2021 published by Renewable Energy Test Center, LLC (“RETC”).


RETC’s PVMI is an annual report that recognizes PV module manufacturing achievements, evaluates module reliability, performance and quality. The report also provides data on the top-performing modules. The 2021 Top Performers of the Year is awarded to manufacturers with products recognized for high achievement in manufacturing across three essential disciplines—reliability, performance and quality.

In addition to being awarded the “Overall High Achievement in Manufacturing” Trina Solar scored individual high achievements in the following categories:



High Reliability in Damp Heat Test. This category recognizes manufacturers whose modules degraded less than 2% after being subjected to 2,000-hour damp heat exposure.

High Reliability in DML Sequence. This category  recognizes manufacturers whose modules degraded less than 1% after being subjected to dynamic mechanical loading followed by 50 thermal cycles and 30 humidity-freeze cycles. 



High Performance in PAN File Characterization. This category recognizes manufacturers with PV modules that produced a performance ratio greater than 85%, as calculated in PVsyst using RETC’s independently validated third-party PAN files.

High Performance in LID Resistance. This category recognizes manufacturers that achieve a Top 10 ranking, among all modules tested, based on LID performance ratio.

High Performance in LeTID Resistance. This category recognizes manufacturers with modules that achieve less than 1% power loss after 486 hours of LeTID test exposure. 



High Quality in Thresher Tests. This category recognizes manufacturers that tested products to a wide range of beyond qualification test sequences for demonstrating a commitment to quality.

This recognition from a leading third-party testing organization demonstrates Trina Solar’s ongoing commitment to manufacturing high quality solar modules. 






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