Trina Solar Sets 24th World Record with 24.5% Efficient 210 PERC Cell

CHANGZHOU, CHINA -- Trina Solar’s State Key Laboratory of PV Science and Technology (SKL PVST) announced that its proprietary industrial larger-area 210mm×210mm PERC solar cell has achieved 24.5% efficiency, a new world record. This achievement was independently confirmed by the third-party National Institute of Metrology, China. This record for 210 P-type monocrystalline silicon PERC cells in mass production marks the 24th world record set by Trina Solar, cementing its position as a long-standing technology leader. 

“We are proud to announce the latest achievements developed by our technical team,” said Dr. Yifeng Chen, head of high efficiency cell and module R&D center in Trina Solar. “PERC is a very mature industrial technology with the lower cost. Our latest achievement indicates Trina Solar R&D team’s vigorous and innovative capabilities in mature technology of mass production. We are dedicated to making continuous R&D investment in the technology of mass production, and creating higher value for our customers.”

Trina Solar has continuously focused on innovative manufacturing technology, quickly translating cutting-edge research into industrial application, and consolidating technology leadership in high-efficiency cells mass production, developing high-efficiency and high-value products benefitting the entire photovoltaic industry. 

As the industry evolves, the mature technology of 210 plus P-type has created a solid foundation for a new era of 600W+ ultra-high efficiency. With joint efforts from PV supply chain partners to strengthen coordination between R&D, manufacturing and application, the rapid industrialization of these new products is paving a new path towards lower costs for the PV industry.