First n-type TOPCon cells roll off Trina Solar’s production line in Qinghai

The first 210mm n-type TOPCon cells have been produced in Trina Solar’s net-zero park in Qinghai province on Aug 1, marking the mass production of the 5GW n-type TOPCon cell capacity. It is a milestone in Trina Solar’s integrated layout of n-type technology, which incorporates the entire industry supply chain of ingot, wafer, cell, and module. 

The cells produced in the Qinghai factory incorporate n-type TOPCon Advanced technology released by Trina Solar in May. With the innovations of the selected boron emitter and highly doped TOPCon structure with PECVD, cell efficiency could reach 26%. The Vertex N 700W series modules, equipped with 210mm n-type TOPCon cells, feature high power, high efficiency, high energy yield, high reliability, and low LCOE, offering customers higher returns and greater value. 

The 210mm product technology platform, characterized by openness and forward-thinking, will lead with cutting-edge technologies, increasing cell efficiency by up to 30%. Trina Solar has led the photovoltaics industry to the 600W+ era with 210mm product technology. With 210mm n-type technology, Trina Solar will continue to lead the industry in the era of n-type technology.

With the support of n-type TOPCon Advanced technology and the integration of ingot, wafer, cell, and module production capacity, Trina Solar’s integrated n-type layout is strengthened and upgraded. By the end of the year, Trina Solar's cell production capacity is expected to reach 75GW, including 40GW of n-type cells, all of which are equipped with n-type TOPCon Advanced technology. 

Worry-free delivery of Trina Solar's n-type modules is further ensured with the company’s n-type cell and module factories coming into operation successively in late 2022, such as the 8GW n-type cell factory in Suqian, the 10GW n-type module factory in Changzhou, and the 10GW n-type module factory in Huai’an, all located in Jiangsu.

Trina Solar strictly adheres to a net-zero ethos, including net-zero operations, net-zero value chain, and net-zero products. At its industrial park in Qinghai, Trina Solar will combine its technological advantages and industrial strengths with Qinghai’s resources to build a stable and environmentally friendly net-zero energy system.

Adhering to the mission of ‘’Solar energy for all” and committed to becoming a global leader in smart solar energy solutions, Trina Solar not only focuses on its green development but also seeks global partners to work on sustainable development strategies, building a net-zero value chain and creating a green ecosystem.