Trina Solar US Issues Statement Regarding Supply Chain Traceability

FREMONT, CA — A leading provider of solar smart energy solutions, Trina Solar US is dedicated to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility and complying with applicable US laws and regulations. The company has implemented and maintains practices to ensure materials are responsibly sourced and its supply chain is traceable.

Trina Solar has and will continue to provide transparency and complete supply chain traceability per US import requirements. Trina’s supply chain management expertise and technology leadership through advanced IT systems allow for prompt availability of traceability documentation, ensuring a seamless importation process.

Module and cell capacity for the US market is currently manufactured in Southeast Asia. Trina Solar US has utilized overseas polysilicon, originating outside China, since 2021. 

“Our sales, operations, finance, and management teams all reside locally within Trina Solar US,” a company representative noted. “The recent findings will not affect our company’s future regional plans or our existing customers in the US,” the company continued. 

Customers remain the top priority as Trina Solar US plans and executes future manufacturing capacity closer to home and continues efforts for localization of the supply chain. The team is committed to leading sustainability goals through smart energy solutions by ensuring customers have access to a high-quality product at a competitive price.