Trina Solar takes lead in standardization initiative to unify module dimensions

On July 7, 2023, nine module manufacturers, including Trina Solar, reached a consensus on standardizing the dimensions of rectangular silicon wafer modules to 2382x1134mm, based on Trina Solar’s 210R modules with dimensions of 2384x1134mm launched in April 2022. At the same time, the nine companies have called for current and future designs for the 210mm series modules to adhere to the specifications for module dimensions and mounting holes outlined by the China Photovoltaic Industry Association.

Trina Solar has been at the forefront of the industry, leading standardization with its Golden Size design concept and products establishing a solid foundation for standardization of module dimensions across the entire industry.

In April, the company made a groundbreaking introduction to the industry with the innovative medium-format 210R product based on rectangular wafers. In March, Trina Solar unveiled comprehensive 210R product solutions, including module dimensions of 2384x1134mm, mounting hole positions, frame design, material processes, packaging, and logistics parameters.

Trina Solar took the lead in advocating for the standardization of silicon wafer module dimensions. In April, Trina presented the comprehensive value of their  210R modules at a module-size workshop that the association organized. These advantages include design concepts maximizing container utilization (achieving a rate of 98.5%), increased customer value, manufacturability, and proven safety and reliability, with cumulative shipments exceeding 30GW+. Trina Solar proposed that dimensions of 2384x1134mm be adopted as a universal industry standard, a suggestion agreed upon by the association and participating companies.

At this year’s SNEC exhibition in Shanghai, major module manufacturers adopted the 2384/2380x1134mm dimensions in their products. Now, with the other eight companies, Trina Solar will continue to push for an industry standard.

Regarding the dimensions of large-format modules promoted by Trina Solar, in May 2021, the China Photovoltaic Industry Association established industry standards for 60-cell modules with overall dimensions of 2172x1303mm and mounting hole locations based on a 210mm cell, as well as for 66-cell modules with overall dimensions of 2384x1303mm. 

210mm wafer technology has shown strong advantages, especially in Vertex 600W+ modules. Based on its advanced 210 technology, with the integration of n-type technology, Trina Solar leads the industry to embrace 700W+. With this joint initiative, the PV industry takes a step further toward 210mm technology.

Throughout the various stages of development, the trend toward larger formats and higher power output has been a key driver for advancing and upgrading the industry. Behind this progress, the standardization of module dimensions plays a crucial role. 

Trina Solar believes that the latest joint initiative represents an end to the historical variation in module sizes, highlighting a clearer trend of 210mm modules with ultra-high power and higher performance, which will significantly benefit the photovoltaic industry globally.