Tracker Compatibility with Trina Solar’s ultra-high power modules

Multiple tracker companies discussed the full compatibility of the Vertex ultra-high power modules with its products in a workshop titled “Ultra-High Power Photovoltaic Technology Contribute to a Low Carbon Future” at the BloombergNEF summit in Shanghai in early December.

Arctech Solar, TrinaTracker, ARRAY, along other tracker companies are represented in the White Paper on Tracker Compatibility for Trina Solar 210 Vertex Modules, issued in November.

According to the 2021 PV Module and Inverter Bankability Report published by BloombergNEF, tracker compatibility represents a major customer concern with ultra-high power modules. In this regard, Eric Kuo, Director of Technical Product Management at Nextracker, spoke expansively at the workshop.

Module size has been undergoing rapid changes, with 210mm-size modules becoming the mainstream, Kuo said. Power station developers attach great importance to having uniform mounting hole positions and sizes, and Trina Solar's 210mm Vertex modules are a pioneer in module standardization, he said.

In May the China Photovoltaic Industry Association held an online workshop on module size standardization, at which more than twenty companies and organizations, including Trina Solar, agreed on the overall dimension and mounting hold positions of 210mm modules. Standardized modules significantly reduce the number of mounting fittings, making it easier to install high-power modules, lowering BOS costs and easing concerns of developers and installers.

Also in 2021, several tracker companies issued approval on the full compatibility of its trackers with 210mm ultra-high power modules, including the Vertex 500W, 550W, 600W and 670W modules. 

To ensure full compatibility with high-power modules, global tracker makers such as TrinaTracker have completed a series of functional tests that demonstrate full compatibility and high reliability even in severe weather such as hurricanes, hailstorms and floods. In particular, several tracker companies have upgraded its trackers to meet the new requirements of frame size, weight and mounting hole positions. With higher driving torque and stronger purlins, the trackers offer higher static and dynamic load, stronger structural support and ultimately perfect compatibility.

TrinaTracker has launched two series of tracker products, Vanguard and Agile, which are fully compatible with 600W+ modules.

“The energy gain from using trackers is key to improving system efficiency, reducing solar power costs and achieving the dual-carbon targets,” said Duan Shunwei, General Manager of TrinaTracker.

More importantly, compatibility with Vertex ultra-high power modules also enhances tracker value in integrated systems, so as to achieve 1+1>2 energy gain results, reduce costs and increase efficiency in various application scenarios.

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