Fully verified in rigorous mechanical tests, Fraunhofer ISE proves system value of Trina Solar’s ultra high power modules in Europe

On September 2, Trina Solar, a leading global PV and smart energy total solution provider, together with Fraunhofer ISE, the largest solar research institute in Europe, conducted an online webinar on the theme "The Importance of Product Reliability and System Value of a 600W+ Module in Achieving the Lowest LCOE". Professionals from more than 73 countries and regions participated in the virtual conference.

Trina Solar presented an in-depth analysis on the 600W+ industrial chain, the advantages of Trina’s 600W+ Vertex modules in lowering LCOE in different regions around the world, and the reliability of Vertex modules. Fraunhofer ISE also presented a series of LCOE studies on Trina Solar’s ultra-high power modules and peer products, highlighting the significant advantages of Trina modules.


Franck Zhang, Trina Solar: 600W+ ecology grows mature with unstoppable industrialization

Dr. Zhang Yingbin, Head of Product Strategy and Marketing at Trina Solar presented on the theme “The 600W+ Solar Module Market, Ecology System Contruction and Industrialization”. Dr. Zhang pointed out that the ecosystem of 210 modules has already been formed, and 210 modules are fully compatible with mainstream inverters and trackers. The inverters solutions apply to all the scenarios of residential, commercial and industrial, and utility-scale power projects that are installed with 210 modules. In addition, compared with the current industry average, Trina Solar’s Vertex modules have an increase of 35W-90W in power and a save on BOS at $0.5-1.6 cents per watt, contributing to more value for customers.

Gao Lei, product expert at Trina Solar: the reliability of 670W is fully verified

Gao Lei, Global Module Product Senior Manager at Trina Solar, presented in-depth analysis on the reliability of 670W Vertex modules. These modules have passed six mechanical loading tests verifying with excellent mechanical load capability and reliability. In the rigorous tests that simulate extreme weather conditions such as extreme wind, snowstorm, extreme cold and hail, 670W Vertex modules have performed far above IEC standard.

The installation of the modules also has a significant impact on the stability of PV system. Therefore, using mixed fixed installation under extreme weather conditions ensures safety and reliability of PV system and yield gain on power generation at full life cycle.


Fraunhofer ISE: Trina Solar’s ultra-high power modules have higher system value, reducing LCOE 7.4%


Fraunhofer ISE, located in Freiburg, Germany, was established in 1981 and is currently the largest solar energy research institute in Europe. After the 600W+ series products were launched, Fraunhofer ISE conducted a comparison study on the LCOE of Trina Solar’s 550W, 600W and 670W ultra-high power modules with M10 and M6 modules.

In this conference, Jefferson Bor, Project Manager, Modules and Power Plants Analysis of Fraunhofer ISE, presented the study results, revealing that the new generation modules (182, 210) have shown greater advantage in system value compared to previous 166 generation.

Additionally, the innovative design of low voltage and high string power enables 210 modules to have greater advantage in CAPEX and LCOE compared with 182 series in both fixed tilt and tracker applications. Compared with the M10 585W modules, Trina Solar’s G12 Vertex 600W and 670W modules have excellent performance with savings on CAPEX at 1.5-2 €/Wp and 3 - 4.5% on LCOE. Compared with the M6 455W, the savings on LCOE is 7.4%. The 210 modules represented by Trina Solar’s Vertex 670W, 600W and 550W provide more value to customers.

With the advancement of PV power parity, LCOE and CAPEX have become the focus of investors. With high reliability, high power and high yield gain, Trina Solar’s Vertex ultra-high power modules satisfy the global PV market demand and will become the new catalyst for PV industry development.

Please click here to download 3 slides:

  • The 600W+ solar module market, ecology system construction and industrialization
  • Enhanced Reliability: 670W Vertex Module
  • Fraunhofer ISE :Analyzing impact of Modules with different Wafer sizes on the LCOE

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