Trina Smart Cloud

  • Feature

    Remote monitoring and control

  • Feature

    Intelligent diagnoses

  • Feature

    Advance warning and Maintenance recommendations

  • Feature

    O&M savings

Intelligent and accurate operation and maintenance

  •   Real-time fault alarms
  •   Motor diagnostic and pre-warning
  •   3D Digital map positioning
  •   Key parameter tracking and analysis
  •   Availability analysis

Precise and intelligent control

  •   Control trackers operation mode & target angle

Recording & forwarding

  •   Store key information of trackers
  •   Transfer the data to the power station monitoring platform

Meteorological data sharing

  •   Share meteorological data between NCUs
  •   Reduce the number of sensors
  •   Reduce power generation loss caused by sensor operation and maintenance

System security and stability

  •   Network security
  •   Access multi-role permission management
  •  Log management enables historical traceability

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