• Feature

    Up to 120

    Modules per tracker

  • Feature

    7 piles

    Per Tracker

  • Feature

    Up to 15%

    Flexible Terrain Adaptability

  • Feature

    0 degrees

    Stow Position

Vanguard 2P Multi-Motor Multi-Control

✔ Revolutionized multi-motor, multi-control system
✔ Total angle alignment
✔ Multiple TCUs per tracker ensure complete monitoring
✔ Faster installation
✔ Faster stow positioning
✔ Reduced shading on bifacial modules backside
✔ Reduction of tracker’s components

The maximum tracking reliability

✔ Single-row tracker.
✔ Compatible with modules from 400W to 670W.
✔ Enhanced torque tube design for 2P operation.
✔ Multi-point drive with self-locking function for maximum wind stability.
✔ Comprehensive wind tunnel test performed by RWDI ensures a reliable design.
✔ Only 7 piles per tracker - 45% reduction in piles.

TrinaTracker Trina Clamp

Patented Spherical Bearing

✔  TrinaTracker proprietary technology globally patented.
✔  Reduces installation time by 15%.
✔ Self-maintenance.
✔ Improves terrain adaptability.
✔ Eliminates twist in posts and the fails on the driving.
✔ Avoids the need for calibration during the installation process.
✔  15 years proven efficiency in harsh environments.

Spherical Bearing Whitepaper

Vanguard 2P Second Generation Global Launch

"The criteria behind our design evolution lean on the results obtained from a comprehensive research analysis that evaluates the existing gaps to cover the clients' needs when choose a 2P tracker. As a result, Vanguard 2P Second Generation represents an improvement on the tracker monitoring, panels alignments and assembly". Félix Sabando, Head of Support Structure, Research and Development R&D Center, at TrinaTracker.

"We are proud to offer our clients a 2P tracker solution with the highest tilt angle precision in the market. In addition, our Vanguard 2P is now more accurate on failure detection and damage prevention, increasing the system reliability". Abel Córdoba, Electronics R&D Engineer at the Support Structure R&D Center, at TrinaTracker.

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