Residential 365W


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    132 Cell

    Half-cut monocrystalline

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    Power output range

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    Maximum Efficiency

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    Positive Power Tolerance

Total protection and peace of mind for homeowners.

Now residential solar installers have access to premium solar modules at affordable prices with 25/25-year warranties.


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Power up with half-cut cell technology.

The Residential Module adopts half-cut cell technology, improving overall module efficiency by more than 2% compared to traditional full-cell construction.


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Reduce LCOE with improved performance.

Compatibility with all major BOS components, excellent performance at lower temperatures, and reduced energy loss from inter-row shading contribute to reducing LCOE. 

Trusted by industry professionals for over 20 years.

To date, Trina Solar has delivered more than 40 GW of solar modules in over 100 countries. 


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