Trina Solar US is proud to announce the launch of Trina Protect, a bundled 25-year product and 25-year power warranty for Trina’s high-powered, black-frame residential PV modules. This warranty program is only available in the United States. 

While Trina Solar has already offered a 25-year power warranty, Trina Protect now extends the residential module product warranty from 12 years to 25 years. This warranty extension can provide additional protections and greater peace of mind for homeowners and installers alike. 

With decades of experience in PV manufacturing and R&D, Trina has been a pioneer in the solar industry, and the new warranty further exemplifies this. The power warranty guarantees that the module’s energy output will remain above a certain threshold. Now, the product warranty guarantees the module’s performance for the warranty’s duration of 25 years.

Warranties from other solar module manufacturers have restrictions or can be otherwise exclusive. Some solar manufacturers require taking part in a training program or having installers meet a volume requirement to extend their warranty for an additional 5 years. 

The Trina Protect 25-year product and power warranties:

  • apply automatically at purchase, with no strings attached
  • have no exclusivity, registration or any extra training involved in order to qualify
  • have a simple, straightforward process that’s easy for customers and installers


Now residential solar installers have access to premium solar modules at affordable prices with 25/25-year warranties. And with the launch of Trina's Vertex S line in 2022, homeowners have access to industry-leading power generation and unprecented value. 


Bringing added protection and total peace of mind 

Homeowners looking to install rooftop solar panels want to know they’re getting more than just a renewable energy source, they also want to ensure it’s reliable. Having a good warranty attached to the solar panels can help ease homeowners’ minds when they decide to invest in a solar PV system.

Solar panels, in general, already have a well-earned reputation for reliability. A study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) found that on average new solar panels have an annual failure rate of only 5 in 10,000. This means a standard solar panel has about a 0.05 percent chance of failing. Over the 25 years of a module’s life, this translates to a 1.25 percent chance, which is extremely low.

But even that little bit of a chance can be too much of a risk for some homeowners. That’s why the product and power warranties provide additional peace of mind. 

Even still, Trina Solar maintains a strong commitment to PV module reliability. The PV Evolution Labs (PVEL) Reliability Scorecard has recognized Trina Solar as a “Top Performer” for six consecutive years. 

All together, the extended warranties and proven reliability of Trina’s modules means homeowners are getting sleek and affordable modules from a trusted brand.

Reach out to Trina Solar today to learn more about the Trina Protect 25-year product and 25-year power warranties on residential solar panels in the United States. 

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