Trina Solar's Smart Solutions: Simplifying Solar Project Development

In an increasingly complex world where efficiency, reliability, and value are paramount in the solar industry, Trina Solar emerges as a leader with a suite of smart solutions that redefine project development. With a long legacy as a bankable Tier 1 solar manufacturer, Trina’s offerings span utility-scale, commercial, and residential sectors, promising unparalleled support and innovation throughout the project lifecycle.


If you're attending RE+ 2023, visit Trina Solar in booth #2138 to learn more about these smart solar solutions, ask our experienced team members questions, and get the answers you’re looking for straight from the source. And don’t forget to check out the launch of the new 600W Vertex N for utility and commercial applications and the 435W Vertex S+ for residential systems, which will be on display in the booth!

But first, let's delve into the TrinaPro utility-scale solution, C&I Solutions, Trina Solar US Advantage residential solution, TrinaTracker, and the Solar Megawatt Box — the cornerstones of Trina Solar's visionary approach.


TrinaPro: Elevating Utility-Scale and C&I Solar, Lowering LCOE

For utility-scale solar projects, ensuring efficiency, performance, and optimization reigns supreme in lowering Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE). TrinaPro, the original smart utility-scale solar solution, empowers developers and EPCs with streamlined procurement, enhanced integration, and optimized system design to reduce costs and deliver the lowest LCOE.


The comprehensive solution bundles Trina Solar's industry-leading Vertex modules, the state-of-the-art TrinaTracker system, and world-class inverters into a one-stop solar shop. By bundling major components, TrinaPro simplifies installations, minimizing delays and complexities that often plague large-scale projects.


TrinaPro's innovative low-voltage/high-string system design offers remarkable benefits when paired with Vertex N. A recent LCOE assessment revealed Vertex N modules showcasing a noteworthy ability to accommodate the highest number of modules per string compared to generic n-type and p-type modules. Compared to p-type 590W, Vertex N cut initial costs of approximately $1.25 million, translating to $0.0250 per watt. This attribute translated to substantial savings in DC wiring costs, making Vertex N a clear winner in balance of system (BOS) economics.


C&I Solutions: Customized Excellence for Complex Projects

The commercial and industrial (C&I) sector demands precision and customization due to tight project profit margins and non-standardized installation locations.


Trina Solar's C&I Solutions is a reliable partner for EPCs and developers to accomplish these goals with its one-stop-shop approach for bundling modules, inverters, and racking systems into a holistic package. Helmed by experienced supply chain managers, application engineers, and logistic experts, the C&I Solutions team helps accelerate timelines, bolster efficiency, and amplify power gains.


This simplifies procurement and paves the way for enduring operations and maintenance (O&M) programs, ensuring sustained system support. With Trina's bankability, this solution promises successful solar projects backed by one of the industry's most trusted names.


Trina Solar US Advantage: Empowering Residential Solar Installers

Trina Solar brings forth a game-changing solution for the residential sector with its US Advantage. Designed to cater to the unique needs of homeowners, this offering packs cutting-edge technology, reliability, and performance. The TrinaProtect program covers residential modules sold in the US with a 25-year power and product warranty backed by a legacy of excellence. With more than 25 years of history, you can count on Trina for the next 25 years and beyond.


Trina’s new Vertex S+, featuring N-type cell technology, amplifies power output up to 435W and boosts efficiency up to 22%, making it an ideal choice for residential rooftop applications. The modules’ compact but high-powered design provides the flexibility installers need to save on rooftop PV system BOS costs and deliver optimal performance. 


The US Advantage extends beyond modules and also encompasses dedicated local support teams. It's a holistic approach reflecting Trina Solar's commitment to supplies and support, ensuring a robust partnership for installers and homeowners alike.


TrinaTracker: Navigating Efficiency and Innovation

Efficiency gains of up to 30% are within reach through TrinaTracker, the trusted partner for large-scale solar projects. With streamlined installations, patented risk mitigation technology, and superior power gains, TrinaTracker enhances the performance of solar arrays. This innovation extends to custom solutions, allowing optimization tailored to specific project needs.


Solar Megawatt Box: Easy, Rapid PV System Deployment

Trina's dedication to delivering the highest level of customer value and satisfaction over the years has further simplified the acquisition, installation, and management of traditionally complex solar projects.


Enter Trina's Solar Megawatt Box, a pre-engineered PV package designed to expedite the assembling of solar projects up to 5MW. Packed with Vertex modules, TrinaTracker components, string inverters, and more, the Solar Megawatt Box is the perfect option for developers, EPCs, IPPs, or co-ops looking for a single solution to quickly and effortlessly build and deploy an optimized PV array.


Trina Solar: More Than Modules

Trina Solar's suite of smart solutions brings simplicity, innovation, and effectiveness to solar project development. The era of component compatibility uncertainty, complicated procurement, and mounting project risks is over, replaced by the certainty of lower LCOE and unparalleled value in utility-scale, commercial, and residential solar.


Reach out to us today to learn more about how to simplify solar integration to provide your customers with more PV system efficiency, reliability, and value than ever before. 


And join us in booth #2138 at RE+ 2023 in Las Vegas — We can’t wait to see you all!

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