TrinaPro: The Smart Solution to Solar Supply Chain and Procurement Challenges 

The demand for solar energy (and the network of technologies that go with it) has never been higher. While the Inflation Reduction Act certainly gets some credit for this push, utility-scale solar projects have been leading the charge for new installations and expansions. This effort by utility operators to make energy resources more resilient comes in the face of increasing climate disasters and a failing grid. 

The bottom line: Utility-scale project developers and EPCs recognize the urgency behind optimizing for better efficiency, greater reliability, and lower levelized cost of electricity (LCOE).


Supply Chain Woes and Rising Costs


Supply chain disruptions have strained all industries, including the solar industry. Although booming solar demand continues to drive supply-chain disruptions, additional lingering pandemic-related factors have also played a role, especially regarding costs. 


Since January 2020, polysilicon has experienced a 300% price increase, primarily due to the rising costs of raw materials. Disrupted logistics and increased ocean freight costs (which quadrupled throughout 2021) have impacted the solar industry even further, making it more expensive and difficult to keep utility-scale solar installation projects on schedule. Everything from procurement to accurate financing to timelines presents ongoing challenges for developers and EPCs to maintain control of their projects.


The disruptions are not hindering demand, which continues to rise, but the need for these resources remains more urgent than ever. Thankfully, smart solar solutions can help developers and EPCs navigate these challenges. Trina Solar understands the job of deploying renewables hasn’t changed, but the approach has to adjust. Thanks to the TrinaPro utility-scale solution, developers and EPCs now have a one-stop smart solar solution they can rely on to mitigate supply chain and procurement risks.


TrinaPro Streamlines Procurement, And More


TrinaPro, the all-in-one utility-scale solar solution, was developed to streamline the procurement process for financiers, developers, and EPCs, by handling all the necessary purchase order management, supply chain logistics, and installation processes. TrinaPro has changed the game by enabling solar EPCs to no longer have to procure project components from a wide range of suppliers, which adds to shipping, installation, and interconnection costs and delays. With the TrinaPro solution, EPCs and developers have the resources they need to efficiently manage supply chain logistics and deliver higher PV project value.


TrinaPro eliminates the guesswork by optimizing for the specifics of each installation site. After all, no two plots of land share identical topographies, so there is no one-size-fits-all utility-scale solar installation plan that can guarantee efficiency gains of up to 30%, which TrinaPro does. The TrinaPro team of expert engineers can deliver these efficiency gains by customizing each site layout for optimal design and ensuring major PV component interoperability, reducing potential installation and interconnection risks. TrinaPro’s innovative bundling of PV modules, inverters, and tracking systems can cut CAPEX costs to lower LCOE and provide more project value from the get-go.


Meet Demand and Lower LCOE


Solar installation and optimization efforts are unique to each site, requiring strategic relationships and partnerships with all stakeholders, from suppliers to end customers. TrinaPro better facilitates these relationships for project developers and EPCs, helping them mitigate risks and avoid the headaches caused by supply-chain disruptions.


Want to learn more about what Trina’s doing about the supply chain and logistic challenges facing EPCs and developers? Reach out to us today!

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