As we look back on 2021, we at Trina Solar wanted to share some of our proudest accomplishments from last year.

2021 certainly had its obstacles and uncertainties for everyone. Despite this, Trina Solar notched several important milestones, received major industry recognition for the quality of our modules and our bankability, and we continued to build on our mission to deliver sustainable, innovative and industry-leading PV technology.

The 210 600W+ Vertex Series Makes it Debut

In some of the biggest news of the year, Trina Solar shipped the first batch of the ultra-high-powered and ultra-efficient 210mm 670W Vertex series modules, one of several models in the series.

The Vertex series of large-format modules (LFM) represent a significant advancement in the evolution of the PV industry. By using the 210mm solar wafer sizes, Trina Solar’s Vertex modules provide a host of benefits for IPPs, EPCs, developers, and solar project financiers - not to mention the added value for owners and end customers.

The modules deliver higher output, better efficiency and greater flexibility than traditional modules with smaller wafer sizes. An innovative high-power, low-voltage PV system design helps reduce balance-of-system (BOS) costs while lowering levelized cost of energy (LCOE). Compared to legacy 585W modules, the 670W module’s string power increases 41%, resulting in LCOE savings of up to 2-3%. And compared to mainstream 450W modules, the 670W version lowers LCOE up to 4-6%.

As solar reaches price parity with grid-supplied electricity, the higher power gains and better savings of the Vertex series will prove to be the difference for project owners looking to maximize PV project value.

TrinaTracker Comes of Age

Early in 2021, Trina Solar released the TrinaTracker Vanguard 600W+ Series, which increases PV module efficiency by 8%. Compatible with up to 600W+ modules, the Vanguard series received IEC Certification, while the TrinaTracker Intelligent Algorithm White Paper showed how the smart tracking solution boosts energy gains up to 3.08%. 

Shortly thereafter, Trina Solar launched the Agile 1P Dual Row Tracker, which delivers energy gains up to 8%, and also received IEC certification for 600W+ modules, and obtained UL certification.

TrinaProtect Provides More Peace of Mind

Trina Solar introduced its Trina Protect 25/25 warranty program for its residential modules in the North American market. This industry-leading program covers a 25-year product and 25-year performance warranty. 

Even though high-quality solar modules like Trina Solar’s panels have an extremely low failure rate due to lack of moving parts, the TrinaProtect warranty program allows residential installers the opportunity to give homeowners additional peace of mind. 

Extensive Third-Party Validation

Any company can make a claim that their product delivers more value and greater reliability - but Trina Solar backs up this claim with third-party testing and verification. 

Trina Solar won its seventh consecutive “Top Performer” recognition from the PV Evolution Labs’ (PVEL) “2021 PV Module Reliability Scorecard,” highlighting our continued commitment to manufacturing industry-leading modules. 

Fraunhofer ISE conducted a study verifying that when using fixed tilts, the monofacial 210mm 670W Vertex modules can reduce LCOE by up to 7.4%. Fraunhofer ISE also subjected the Vertex modules to five rigorous mechanical tests, covering:

  • non-uniform snow load

  • static loading under -40 degrees C

  • hail impact

  • enhanced dynamic load

  • wind tunnel test

In each instance, the Vertex 670W modules far surpassed the testing standard, demonstrating superb mechanical load capability and module reliability.

Trina Solar, along with the third-party authoritative organization China General Certification (CGC), conducted a rigorous wind tunnel test on the 210mm Vertex 670W dual-glass module. It remained intact when wind speed reached 134 mph - equivalent to the low end of a Category 4 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale.

From a business standpoint, Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) once again ranked Trina Solar as fully bankable by 100% of its global survey respondents of banks, funds, EPCs and power plants. This marks the sixth consecutive year Trina achieved a full 100% bankability ranking.

The Loyalty of our Customers

At the end of the day, it’s our loyal partners and customers who fill us with the most pride. 

From our modules being used in the Solar + Storage Project of the Year winner at Chub Cay to all the EPCs, developers, distributors, installers and end customers using our panels for renewable energy, we say thank you for helping to make 2021 a year for the record books.

Now that we turn ahead for the upcoming year, we look forward to making 2022 even bigger, better and brighter. Stay tuned to see what’s in store and reach out to Trina Solar to learn more.

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