Greater Energy Density and Flexibility

A direct solution for problem areas

In a standard solar system, if even a portion of your panels are experiencing shading or soiling, it will drag down the overall performance and energy yield. With Trinaflex, you can selectively deploy Trinasmart panels to these areas for cost-effective optimization.

Increased flexibility for maximized production

By selectively deploying the module-level optimization of smart panels from Trina Solar, each panel will be able to operate at its max power point. Trinaflex also provides greater design versatility to adapt to orientation and shade.

Safer solar for your roof

With the ability to remotely shut down a panel or the entire system, Trinaflex is a cost-effective safety solution.

View our Trinaflex Video

View our Trinaflex Video 

Trinaflex provides a solution to ensure
you get maximum production from an entire string no matter the weather.
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Trinaflex White Paper Download

Maximizing Energy Harvest: The Roles of Predictive IV and Impedance Matching in PV Array Optimization.

This white paper will outline the causes for underperformance of PV arrays, describe the superior technologies available to minimize its impact in the form of Impedance Matching and Predictive IV, and help the reader validate the solution with independent tests that they can perform.

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Trinaflex Infographic Download

Are you on a budget? Learn why Trinaflex is the most cost-effective solution for shading.

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