The Optimized Solution

Compatible with most Trina Solar modules, Trinasmart provides module-integrated monitoring and power optimization.

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Smarter solar with MLPE

Trinasmart uses module level power electronics from Tigo Energy to add module-level optimization, rapid shutdown and monitoring functionality to standard Trina modules, while also capping the voltage of module to allow for longer strings.

Maximize energy output

Trinasmart’s uses revolutionary impedance matching and Predictive IV technologies to optimize the performance of each individual module. This maximizes the energy produced by your solar PV system, while allowing for design into shade and at different roof orientations.

Enhanced safety

Trinasmart offers module level rapid shutdown, automatically shutting down your PV System when AC power is disconnected. Trinasmart also automatically shuts down modules in the case of overheating or overvoltage.

Reduce BOS costs and O&M costs

Trinasmart’s smart curve technology allows for up to 30% longer strings, reducing BOS cost while letting you maximize the energy produced from your roof. Trina also offers free real time monitoring and alerts so you know how your system is performing at all times.

Flexible with intelligent solutions

Trinaflex lets you selectively deploy Trinasmart modules in a string of Trinaswitch or standard Trina modules. You can choose exactly what functionality goes into each module at a fraction of the cost.

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View our Trinaflex Video

View our Trinaflex Video 

Trinaflex provides a solution to ensure
you get maximum production from an entire string no matter the weather.
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Maximizing Energy Harvest: The Roles of Predictive IV and Impedance Matching in PV Array Optimization.

This white paper will outline the causes for underperformance of PV arrays, describe the superior technologies available to minimize its impact in the form of Impedance Matching and Predictive IV, and help the reader validate the solution with independent tests that they can perform.

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