Smart Solutions

Not all rooftops are equal

Do you want to lower the carbon footprint of your home or business by adding a solar system to your roof but are worried about the return on investment? While you may think factors such as the size of your rooftop, your budget or neighboring trees make it impossible to add solar to your property, these are all challenges that can be overcome with Trina Solar Smart Solutions.

The Safer Solution

Module Level Rapid Shutdown and Monitoring

The Optimized Solution

Module Level Optimization

Optimization Inside the Panel

Cell String Level Optimization

Protect your system and save money

Trinaswitch uses power electronics to give you module level rapid shutdown and module level monitoring. The module level rapid shutdown is triggered by AC power loss, overheating or overvoltage, so your system is always operating safely. Module level monitoring lets you see how every module in your system is performing at all times, so you can quickly pinpoint and solve problems, minimizing the energy losses and allowing you to use your O&M resource efficiently. Learn more

Give your system a ‘smart’ edge

Trinasmart offers all of the functionality of Trinaswitch, while adding module level optimization and capped voltage to allow for longer strings. Trinasmart’s uses revolutionary impedance matching and Predictive IV technologies to optimize the performance of each module. This maximizes the energy produced by your solar PV system, while allowing for design into shade and at different roof orientations. Trinasmart’s smart curve technology allows for up to 30% longer strings, reducing BOS costs. Trina also offers free real time monitoring so you always know how your system is performing. Learn more

Flexible with intelligent solutions

Trinaflex lets you selectively deploy Trinasmart modules in a string of Trinaswitch or standard Trina modules. You can choose exactly what functionality goes into each module at a fraction of the cost. Learn more

Take power optimization to the next level 

Trinapeak is the first technology that takes optimization to the sub-module level. Each of the three cell-strings in the module is optimized individually. In addition to maximizing the power produced by each module, this also allows for greater design flexibility. You can have panels at different orientations and have uneven string lengths. You can reduce the spacing betweens rows of modules, as Trinapeak reduces the amount of power lost due to inter-row shading. Learn more