Trinasmart DC now available in 72-cell format with 1000V UL certification and Smart Curve
Solution enables a record twenty-seven modules in series to significantly reduce BOS costs

SAN JOSE, CA, January 27, 2014 -- Trina Solar Limited (TSL), a global leader in photovoltaic modules, solutions and services, today announced that Trinasmart, optimized by Tigo Energy, is now available as a 1000V UL certified 72-cell product for North America.A 1000V version of Trinasmart enables strings up to 27 modules or 8.1kW in series,whichsignificantly reducesbalance of system (BOS) costs. The solution is one of the most cost effective modules available on the market today for larger commercial and utility installations.

"We have seen a lot of interest in Trinasmart in a 72-cell moduleformat from our customers. The new product enables customers to take advantage of the many benefits of the Trinasmart technology in larger scale installations," said Mark Mendenhall, president of Trina Solar Americas. "With this larger form factor and 1000V UL certification, customers can aggressively reduce BOS costs with longer strings, minimize labor costs with an integrated product, and limit downtime with real-time monitoring."

Trinasmart features Smart Curve, a patented technology from Tigo Energy, whichis one of the most exciting features of Trinasmart in larger installations. The technologyenables up to 30 percent longer strings by clamping the maximum voltage of each module and eliminating the unwanted part of the IV curve. Installers of Trinasmart have said that the smart curve feature reduced their BOS costs by as much as six cents per watt.

Trinasmart can also be monitored and controlled in real time through the web-based Trinasmart platform, which is accessible on both smartphone and desktop devices. It also features panel-level disconnect for the safety of emergency responders.

For further inquiries and to learn more, please contact your local sales representative or distribution partner.

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