Bifacial, MBB, 390-410W -DEG15MC.20(ii)

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    Positive Power Tolerance

Increased energy generation with half cell technology

The Trina Solar Residential Module adopts half-cell technology. Two pieces of half cells are connected in series, the power loss caused by ribbon resistance is reduced to 1/4 of that in full cell, which results in decreasing of electrical resistance within the ribbon and finally improves the overall efficiency of module by more than 2%.

Bifacial Perc Technology

A typical PERC structure is employing AI-BSF. Bifacial PERC is dierent from the typical PERC, with BSF replaced by AI grid, which can receive scattered solar radiation and thus achieve a bifaciality of over 80%.  Trina Solar Duomax Twin modules adopt bifacial PERC as the core technology, in which Trina Solar has the most sophisticated R&D and industrialization capabilities. With the integration of dual-glass, multi-busbar and half-cut cell technologies, Duomax Twin can achieve higher energy generation performance.