DUOMAX twin 405W


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    144 Cell


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    Power output range

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    19.7% Maximum Frontside Efficiency

    Maximum Efficiency

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    Power output tolerance

Increased Energy Production

The DUOMAX twin monocrystalline module combines high efficiency bifacial cells with a dual glass construction. The DUOMAX twin can convert light that hits the back of the module into electricity, generating up to 25% more energy.

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Trina’s Duomax Twin is a new bifacial module, which can convert light that strikes both the front face and the back face of the module into electricity. Under the same conditions, a bifacial module will produce more energy than a monofacial module with the same nameplate power.

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Power, reliability and performance meet ease of installation.  

The DE15V(II) generates up to 485W of front power with 20.6% efficiency, excellent performance in harsh climate and low-light conditions, and easy installation. 


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