Trina Solar and partners create a new energy internet ecosystem

Trina Solar is working with partners to jointly realise a new energy internet ecosystem and is committed to becoming a world leader in smart energy, says Gao Jifan, the company's chairman and CEO.

Mr Gao made the comments as the first World Industrial and Energy Internet Expo opened its doors in Changzhou, Jiangsu province, on June 20 An Energy Internet breakout forum was held alongside the expo in Trina Solar’s Changzhou headquarters.

Trina is pioneering the building of an energy Internet of Things brand and has led the way in founding the Trina Energy IoT Industrial Development Alliance and New Energy IoT Industrial Innovation Centre, Mr Gao said.

Trina Solar is working with companies and research institutes including Huawei, Alibaba and Tsinghua University on technical R&D and industry layout planning for its energy IoT. Taking the digitisation of the industry as a starting point, and aiming ultimately to help users improve their energy management and raise efficiency, Trina will utilise the sensor technology and internet big data technology from the IoT, as well as its self-developed energy PAAS and SAAS applications, to realise a digitised and smart vertical energy sector incorporating generation, storage, distribution, usage and the cloud. The development and application of two key energy IoT platforms, Trina Aurora and Trina MOTA, has already been completed for the Trina Energy IoT.

Trina has established an Energy IoT Industry Base in Changzhou, as well as smart energy and energy IoT demonstration projects in Trina Solar City. In the Shanghai Minhang Zizhu Industrial Park it has established the headquarters of the Trina Energy IoT Innovation Research Centre; in Hangzhou it has established a Technical Innovation Centre for its energy cloud platform; in Nanjing it has established a Smart Energy Management Systems Research Centre; and in Hefei it has rolled out the national demonstration project “Internet + Smart Energy”.

Currently, Trina Solar is working towards the Ten Thousand Industrial and Commercial PV Roofs Initiative, the Million Domestic PV Roofs Initiative and the One Hundred Million Interconnected Terminals Initiative with a view to building an open platform Trina Energy Internet.

Mr Gao said: “In the next two decades we will work hard with our partners to achieve innovative breakthroughs in new technologies for solar power, stored energy and hydrogen fuel, and to create a deep interconnection between new energy resources and the internet. Through technical innovation we want to combine new technologies for PV generation, stored energy, smart distribution and smart energy use in order to create complete energy IoT solutions. We will combine solar power, stored energy and hydrogen fuel with smart internet and big data technologies in order to build a smart, low-carbon or even carbon-free new energy system. In this way we will transform the structure of the future energy industry and accelerate the arrival of the low-carbon, smart energy era.”

During the breakout forum Trina Solar signed collaboration agreements with various companies for seven major energy internet projects, through which Trina and its partners will create a new energy internet ecosystem.